While the world waits

While the world waits

While we stay shuttered in, while we honor the people who serve, and pray for  healthcare workers risking their lives to save ours, I cling to what I know.

During a crisis, beliefs don’t change.  They just become clearer.

This day, more than ever, I am grateful for what addiction has taught me.

It reminds me to…

  • Stay close to a twelve-step program and cherish its calming message of  hope.
  • Trust only those who speak science.
  • Be grateful for people who step aside on sidewalks during daily walks.
  • Hope that the younger ones will do the same.
  • Accept that rainy days don’t help, but sunshine and cerulean skies that follow do.
  • Smile that yards, houses and heads may be more clutter-free.
  • Enjoy that dogs love having their people close.
  • Understand – as the 12th step suggests – that service to others heals.
  • Find someone to help.

Above all, if I’m not sure I can endure the anxiety, fear and isolation for weeks or months, I don’t have to.  I just need to live it  one day at a time.






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