Long-term “Recover-ers” offer Words of Hope

Long-term “Recover-ers” offer Words of Hope

When Jacob was actively using, what gave me great hope was the wisdom of those in long-term recovery.  They never failed to say what I needed to hear.

Recently, I posed the following question to several men in long-term recovery:

What words of hope can you offer to parents worried over a child’s addiction?

Tom O., 33 years

…. hope comes from sharing yourself with others, treating everyone as you would like to be treated, and loving your addict unconditionally.  They are your loved one…and with proper treatment, and without shame and guilt, their pridefulness will slip away and they will recover. 

Mike D., 14 years

Pray for the child…. Someone once told me that we can seek God on behalf of another even if they are not seeking Him yet.  And the power of a 12 Step Program for parents of addicts.  I would advise parents to work on their recovery program as well,

Kevin B., parent

Facilities and treatment options available today have substantially improved over the last twenty years. However it still must come from them. When they do ask for help, never fail them but do insist they enter a sober living environment for their best chance of success.

 John M., 13 years

I have 100% absolute faith that your child can get better and that “better” is something beyond either of your wildest dreams. 

 And finally this from my son, who just celebrated ten years in recovery…

Jacob H., 10 years

For your loved one, if they are alive, there is hope for them in this life. If they are gone, there is always hope for you to live a contented, meaningful life. Don’t give up. 


2 Replies to “Long-term “Recover-ers” offer Words of Hope”

  1. I was just thinking ( minutes before I read this e-mail ) about Lisa and the wonderful meetings I have attended with her. I cannot tell you what a blessing you are. I have been realizing lately that I have to keep working the 12 steps. Thank You Lisa for reminding me of that, and thank you for the posts from ones in long term recovery.

    1. Hi Carol! How wonderful to hear from you – and thank you so much.
      Yes. We all need to work the 12 steps.
      Don’t you wish everyone had a 12-step program?
      Much love to you…

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