How long will it take?

How long will it take?

When my son was in active addiction, and I was lost how to help him – or myself – I feared looking too far into the future.

For many months, each day brought a new horror.  There were discovered remnants of drug use in his room or his backpack, places I felt I had the right to search, though others might disagree.

There were phone calls from teachers and counselors:  your son in in danger of failing English.  He may not even pass high school.  He needs inpatient treatment.  Outpatient isn’t working.

And finally, the last and most worrisome call: your son needs detox badly.

During these times I never voiced it, but in my head this refrain kept a steady pounding:  how long will it take until my son is….

The question just hung there.  Until he is, what?  Back on track?  Drug-free?  “Normal” again?

Today I find myself asking this same question.  How long will it take before we are back on track?  When will we be “virus” free? When will be be “normal” again?

Just as with Jacob, no answers follow.  But I find myself, again, trying not to look too far into the future.

Al-Anon adages help.  Easy does it.  Keep it simple.  One day at a time.

And they remind me of one answer I do know.

I have survived one epidemic.

I can survive another.

10 Replies to “How long will it take?”

    1. Jo, you know I always appreciate your reactions – always.
      Thank you

    1. Hi Steve. Thanks so much. Wonderful of you to stay in touch this way.

  1. The worries of a pandemic pales in comparison to the health of our children. I still worry about my child!

    1. Pam, that worry lasts, maybe for all moms who love their children.
      Pandemics or not.
      Take care of yourself. You matter too!