Even in Prague

Even in Prague

Prague, Capital of the Czech Republic.  Certainly not a city you would associate with addiction, or any other disease.  But there we were in early July, attending an AA meeting with our son.  The city was a brief stopover at the end of a river cruise celebrating a family anniversary.

Without fanfare, Jacob announced he’d located an “English-speaking” meeting. As in the States, he invited both his father and me to join him.  Whenever, wherever, he does this, I always feel honored, flattered, loved.

After several texts with a woman who gave him directions, we found the bold “AA” sign flagging a building on a busy main street near the old part of the city. In a spare basement room we sat beside our son, still and quiet, while the Czech leader welcomed the small group and opened with familiar passages.

I was keenly aware that this was Jacob’s meeting, not ours.   No doubt we could have found an Al-Anon meeting, had we tried.  Travelling, I turned daily to “Courage to Change” for balance and inspiration.   And now, here we sat listening, treated to the reassuring phrases and stories of some dozen men and women from many countries, a witness to their program and their recovery in a foreign land.

If my son could find an AA meeting in a city where he knew neither the language nor the geography, how available must this program be for those who seek it?

Once again, I marveled at Jacob’s strength and resolve, and the healing powers of the AA fellowship.  I think the meeting refreshed us as much as it did him.

Even on foreign soil, recovery flourishes.

8 Replies to “Even in Prague”

  1. That’s so awesome! Love that we can find meetings all over the world.
    Way to go Jacob! Recovery doesn’t take a vacation!

    1. Toby, AA has been described to me as a “McDonalds” – a real “brand” anywhere in the world.
      Thanks for reading and for responding/
      I love hearing from you

      1. You all make me feel so welcomed and embraced in this special community of people who work so hard at life everday.

  2. When you take your sobriety seriously. What a testament to his survival and the Family support. One day at a time.

    1. Michelle, you are so right. Even after 6 years, it still is one day at a time. You know!