Accept small miracles

Accept small miracles

Who knows for certain what prompts someone with an addiction to give it up?

I’ve heard many men and women in recovery say, “I was sick of being sick,” or “One day I just decided that wasn’t how I wanted to live, “or “I found a Higher Power.”

Jacob’s commitment to recovery began more than nine years ago.

It was likely his determination, study and courage that brought him out of addiction and perhaps less – as I often think – a miracle.

But if it wasn’t a miracle, surely the tiny steps leading up to it were.

  • When we first confronted him with a choice – to accept inpatient treatment or leave our home – and he accepted treatment,
  • When the first treatment center evicted him for using, and he accepted a second center,
  • When that center was ready to transfer him to the next level of care and send him to Florida, and he accepted that plan,
  • When he relapsed, not once, but at least twice, and desperately needed detox and inpatient care – and again – he accepted that, too.
  • And when he finally found someone who had what he wanted – a serenity and purpose – and he accepted his lead.

Caught up in the misery of that time, worried about him and what might happen next, I couldn’t see these small steps for what they were – tiny miracles on the path to recovery to accept and celebrate.

As my father once said, “If you take care of the little things, the big things will take care of themselves.”

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