Even football coaches

Even football coaches

In this high season of football a recent article about a well-known coach caught my eye.

Two of his sons suffered with addiction.  The chaos lasted years.  This was full-blown addiction with one or both boys in and out of jails, treatment centers and attempts at recovery.  It’s unclear if it continues.

The coach visited one of the sons regularly in prison.  Although he was instantly recognized, he made no special demands.  He entered as a father of a sick young man who was charged with a crime, serving his time.

This experience “humanized” him, he says.  And it had a profound effect on how he relates to his players, both on and off the field.

Addiction – the great “humanizer.”

As Jacob celebrates eight years of sobriety this month, the anniversary forces reflection.  How much can addiction teach us?  Lessons about tolerance, compassion and checking a rush to judgement?  Maybe, but at a most basic level comes a greater understanding of the “human condition.”

Addiction also has taught me that it’s okay to set boundaries – that self-preservation has to come first.

So I wonder, as I watch this game that is practically a national holiday, how much does a coach learn from his family’s addiction?  And, like all fathers of addicted sons,  has he learned and does he remember to take care of himself?


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