A Sunday miracle – times hundreds

A Sunday miracle – times hundreds

You need to see it to believe it.

In the Washington DC area – every Sunday evening – there’s an open AA meeting that’s been going on for decades.

That’s not unusual.  What is is the group’s size.

On a recent Sunday my son invited me to attend with him.  Located this night in a municipal facility, the meeting sported a group of young people at the entryway, chatting, smoking cigarettes or chewing on energy bars.  So far, pretty normal.

But once inside the building, the surprise unfolded.

Hundreds of men and women filled the large open-floor space where endless rows of folding chairs had been arranged.  Bordering the room another 40 or so people staffed tables serving coffee, lemonade, cookies and candy as well as a sign-up table for an annual conference and chances to win a 50-50 raffle.

By the time the meeting began, nearly every one of the sea of chairs was filled.

At 7:30 pm the group leader took center-stage.  Silence fell.  Men and women of all ages, sizes and colors, most casually dressed but a few in dresses, suits and ties, sat face-forward absorbed in the string of speakers who shared stories of recovery and hope.  During two short breaks, attendees refilled coffee cups and clustered in high-energy conversation around the room.  Men and women high-fived one another, giving hugs with huge smiles and lots of laughter.

The meeting closed with a 40 – year old man detailing how he’d found sobriety nearly 12 years ago.  He spoke of how good life is now, extended gratitude to friends in the room who helped him and expressed his eagerness to pass that along to anyone still suffering.

My son and I walked out shortly after 9 p.m.  Dozens of people drifted outside.  I overheard plans to meet up later, to call tomorrow, to begin the week renewed and inspired.

Every AA meeting I attend with Jacob inspires me, but this one, even greater.

Hope for recovery – times hundreds.





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