A New Year’s Gift: Words of hope from those who know

A New Year’s Gift: Words of hope from those who know

Some of the most profound people I know are those in recovery – especially those who have been in recovery for years.

They have a strength unique to them, plus a hard-earned wisdom they are willing to share with “outsiders” like me.

Recently – looking to this New Year – I asked several men and women about recovery.
What advice might they give to families suffering with a loved one?

Here are a few of their generous responses:

My advice for those suffering from the family disease of addiction is to take care of yourself, get into a fellowship group where you will find amazing people and through them, your higher power will speak to you exactly where you are at that moment. You will be given a new hope and long missing joy will return.
Tom O.   33 years

Self-care / self-love – Like putting your oxygen mask on before helping your child on an airplane. You are no good to anyone if you do not take care of yourself
Mike D.   14 years

Seek out your own recovery through therapy and Al-anon. This is the best thing you can do for yourself and your loved one.
Emma R.

Don’t love your child to death, love them to life. It takes great strength and courage to exhibit tough love and stop enabling them.
Gary Z.   21 years

And this from my son, Jacob, 10 years…

Continue to search for purpose and meaning in your own life. Detach with love, and live your life “as if” everything is good. Your actions will create new thoughts, new energies, new healing. If not in your loved one’s life, at least in your own.

May 2022 bring healing and recovery to all who seek it.