A new gratitude list

A new gratitude list

Funny how a worldwide pandemic can prompt a new gratitude list.

Husband, children, a home  – my son years into recovery – all still count.

But weeks of quarantine and social distancing have added a few others.

They include…


Legs that carry me three to four miles on a daily walk

Other walkers who respect the six-feet rule

Canada geese nesting on a barren baseball field

Cell phones and cell phone cameras


Adult children who tweet back instantly

A cloudless sky

The robin building its nest over our garage


People walking dogs


Every person who is working now at every hospital


TS Eliot’s line “April is the cruelest month”

The governor of Maryland

Green lawns gracing State House hill


Baking brownies thick with big chunks of walnuts

Al-Anon and virtual meetings

The Twelth Step

The opportunity – every day – to help someone else.